Typical donation inventory at our GoodHEALTHwill warehouse

What we have varies by the day!  This brief list is a general guide to what we typically have at our 4,000sf warehouse. 


One day we may have twenty bath seats, and the next day we might not have any!  If you call, we will gladly place a hold on the equipment or supplies you need until you can pick them up.   We do not mail supplies.  We only accept cash and check.


Donated equipment may be in new, gently used, or very used condition. Please also see our donation guidelines and needed items.


Durable medical equipment side


Adult mobility equipment

wheelchairs: manual, power, travel, lightweight

walkers:  2-wheel, 4-wheel, no-wheel, seat/no seat, fixed/folding

canes:  fixed, adjustable, quad, folding

arm-cuff / Canadian crutches

under-arm crutches

wheelchair leg rests/foot rests

wheelchair seat cushions

wheelchair tires w/rims


Pediatric mobility equipment

toddler & youth manual & power wheelchairs

gait trainers

Creepster Crawlers


Seating & standing equipment

pediatric standers

adult manual and power standers


Bathroom equipment

pediatric bath seats

toilet safety frames w/arm supports

bathtub clamp-on grab bars


toilet risers

shower & bath chairs / transfer benches


Sleeping equipment

adjustable electric beds, twin & full (with mattress)

bed rails & bed canes

wedges, various heights

egg crate foam bed toppers


Car & travel equipment

special needs car seats

wheelchair/stroller stretcher  

wheelchair lifts & adaptive equipment


Respiratory equipment


CPAP-BiPAP machines

oxygen equipment


Communication equipment

Servox Inton Master voice aide

GE BigButton phone

PhoneMax Tel030 ADA hi-contrast, big button phones

Vocally voice-activated phone dialer


Footwear, knee & leg braces

ankle-high and knee-high walking boots

air-cast boots

dynamic knee braces

knee immobilizers

pediatric & adult DAFOs

rehabilitation shoes/splints

neoprene & elastic ankle & knee braces

brace undersleeves


Arm, back, & neck braces 

rigid, neoprene & elastic back supports/braces

arm slings

abdominal binders

soft & rigid cervical collars


Adaptive/accessory equipment

wheelchair accessories 

sock helpers

extra-long shoe horns

adapted sliverware & dishes


Misc. medical equipment

bed/chair alarms

daily living aids

pill organizers

foam wedges

exercise balls

grabbers / reachers

slider boards

gait belts

exercise bikes


therapy putty

Disposable medical supplies side


Respiratory supplies

tracheostomy masks & supplies

various drainage systems, adaptors, connectors, etc.

nasal cannulas, pediatric & adult, 4', 7', 25'

oxygen/aerosol/nebulizer masks

oxygen humidifiers

oxygen tubing, 1' to 100' lengths

suction catheter kits & suction supplies

nebulizer supplies

CPAP/BiPAP supplies

volumetric respiratory exercisers

CPR masks


Alimentary supplies

formula & nutritional drinks

feeding adapters

feeding extensions

food pump sets/bags


feeding irrigation kits

sodium chloride irrigation


Incontinence supplies

sm/med/lg pull-up and tab-style disposable briefs

incontinence pad inserts / liners (Poise)

re-usable/washable bed pads (chux)

disposable bed pads / underpads (chux)

personal wipes

male urine receptacles

plastic bed pans


Catheter & ostomy supplies

ostomy pouches & supplies

various catheters

catheterization tray kits & supplies

urinary drainage bag kits & supplies

colostomy pouches & supplies

stoma supplies


sodium chloride irrigation



Hygiene supplies

disposable gloves

waterless shampoo

fluoride anticavity gel

ear syringes

perineal care supplies

incontinence creams


Rehabilitative clothing

breast prostheses


lift shoes

support stockings / TED hose / Jobst socks


Infusion & IV supplies

infusion sets & supplies


irrigation trays

sodium chloride irrigation

central line dressing kits

IV connectors & supplies


Wound & injury supplies

dressing change kits & supplies

Chloraprep & alcohol swabs

IV & drainage sponges

various dressings & supplies

cohesive & fabric wraps

various bandages

wound covers

strap-on ice pouches


Monitoring supplies

blood pressure monitors

pulse oximeters

glucose monitors

glucose test strips, lancets, & supplies

insulin syringe sets

insulin infusion pump supplies

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